Our Story

About ODB Translation

Incorporated in 2000,ODB Translation Co., Ltd is a leading provider of translation and language services in the China market. So far our translation service has expanded to 100 world most-used language combinations. We have over 10 years experience and our clients are worldwide.

As a professional language company, ODB Translation understands your unique, demanding, language service requirements, as well as that time is of the essence; that linguists must be experts, not just bi-lingual employees. Our commitment to quality is evident in our strict selection of expert translators and our unique 4-step process.

The leading high-tech giants are part of our clients. We continue to serve them because they know when it comes to quality translations and services. We have sub branch office over the country.

Our Approach

We have a rigorous quality control system to conduct strictly QA. Translation— proofreading— editing—— QA check is the necessary procedures for all translation projects.

The specialties we have been involved in:

Technical translation: electronic, telecom, chemical, E&M, medical, bioengineering , architecture and construction,aviation and aerospace, geography, water conservancy, military, metallurgy, textile, foodstuff, paper making and printing.
Business/legal translation: economics and trade, law, finance, insurance, immigration, education and arts, culture and sports.
Literary translation: literary works, thesis, publishing, etc.
Interpretation: business talks/reception, alternate interpretation, simultaneous interpretation; AV recording, dubbing and translation.

Document categorization:

tender/bidding documents, brochures, operating manuals, industrial standards/specs, inspection/testing and quality certifying documents; legal documents, certificates, contracts, prospectus, patent documents, investment proposals, promotional documents, letters/mails, books; website/software localization.

Please consult ODB Translation if you are facing the challenges of expanding your global market and/or if you require professional project management to translate and localize for your business. We have all the means to provide the expertise you need.


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