Newest Project: Medical Device Translation - Oncology Information System

Industry - Automotive
Navigation device translation
Sworn translation of vehicle transportation texts
Automotive and Automation Translation
Car Brochure Translation

Industry - Energy
Clinical chemistry translation project
Energy Sector Translation
Petrochemical Translations

Industry - Entertainment
Croatian to Turkish Website Translation
Website Translation of News Briefs
Tour Guide Translation
Website translation of an international news and entertainment online portal

Industry - Government
EU Translation of Regional Policy Guide

Industry - IT
Synch Software Translation Project
ERP / CRM translation
Software translation and localization project
CRM/ERP translation, software translation with software engineering

Industry - Marketing
Company Presentation Translation
PR Translation and Marketing Translation
Marketing Translation

Industry - Medical/Health/Pharma
Medical Device Translation - Oncology Information System
Medical translation of medical manuals
Medical and Healthcare Translations
Dental Translation
Medical device translation for an In Vitro documentation project

Industry - Retail
IT Hardware Translations (Printing devices)
Digital Camera Catalog Translation
Furniture Assembly Translation
Furniture Assembly Manual Translation

Industry - Technical/Automation
Power Generation Equpiment Translation
Mechanical Assemblies Manual Translation
Technical translation of electric turbines documentation
Industrial machinery translation for instruction manuals and diagnostic manuals

Industry - Telecommunications
(VoIP) Voice Over IP Translation

Newest Project: Software Translation and Localization Engineering

Industry - Financial
Financial software localization for a leading banking software development company

Industry - IT
Software Translations CRM suite
Software Translation of a team collaboration system
ERP translation project
CAD application translation & localization
Software Localization
Document management software translation and localization
CAD/CAM/GIS software localization with software engineering

Industry - Retail
Website localization and instruction manuals translation for a sports apparel manufacturer

Industry - Technical/Automation
Software Translation and Localization Engineering
Technical Manual Translations for Engineering Company

Newest Project: Medical Device Translations

Industry - Automotive
PDF Manual DTP and Translation with CAT Tools

Industry - Government
United Nations’ Manual Translation

Industry - Marketing
Engineering courseware translation

Industry - Medical/Health/Pharma
Medical Device Translations
DTP & document translation of medical device
Medical Device DTP and Translation

Industry - Retail
Digital Camera DTP and Translation
DTP and translation of manuals for appliances
Fashion Catalogue DTP and Translation

Industry - Technical/Automation
MLV Translations Outsourcing
Automation Pumps Translation and Desktop Publishing

Industry - Telecommunications
Telecom translations
IT Hardware Translation Project
DTP of marketing materials for a line of cell phones

Newest Project: Voice Over and transcription for WW2 interviews

Industry - Entertainment
Voice Over and transcription for WW2 interviews

Industry - Marketing
Voice Over recording and translation work for an advertising commercial


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