Language Services

Language Services

Translation and localization projects are complex undertakings. To be successful, multiple activities need to be tightly integrated. OUDEBAO provides a range of language-related functional services designed to help you address specific aspects of translation and localization and to ensure success.

Delivered as standalone professional services or as part of our integrated localization solutions, these services help ensure quality and increase efficiency of your overall multilingual localization processes.

Language Quality Services (MLQS)

MLQS services are designed to give clients confidence in the language quality of translated content and provide an independent audit or check of the quality against predefined - industry or client-defined - standards.

These standalone services are provided as independent linguistic quality assurance checks to ensure standardized quality control for translated content regardless of who provided the original translation. Read more.

Terminology Management

Like content, terminology is a major organizational asset. Efficient management of terminology is a key contributor to quality and consistency of the final multilingual content your company produces.

In addition, sound terminology management results in major cost and time efficiencies - preventing re-work, eliminating additional review cycles and QA steps, and shortening total localization turnaround time. To help companies realize the benefits of effective terminology management OUDEBAO offers a range of terminology management services. Read more.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

With multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) experience going back to 1992, our dedicated DTP Group processes tens of thousands of pages of multilingual documents in over 100 languages every year.

The objective is to produce localized online or print-ready materials which accurately reflect the original, while complying with the linguistic and typography standards of each and every language and target locale. Read more.

Project Management

Effective project management is perhaps the single most important factor that impacts the success of localization projects.

The hallmark of successful project management is integration of the many disparate activities, in-house and remote teams, inputs and outputs with the single objective in mind - to deliver localized products that meet the defined quality criteria, on time and within the agreed budget. Project management ranks consistently among the top three factors that matter most to our clients. Read more.


Internationalization (I18N) is the design and preparation of software, websites, and databases so that the underlying source code is locale-neutral and able to support numerous languages. The result is one generic code that can be used across locales.

Internationalization is a required step before actual product localization may begin. But even when you just plan to market the original language versions of your products, sound internationalization will ensure they can be used by local users in their local environments. Read more.

Content Development

In today's business environment, staying ahead of a competitive market, while keeping international operations and sales teams up to date with an ever-changing product line presents challenges for most companies.

OUDEBAO Worldwide provides customers with solutions to this problem by developing international English content suitable for websites, training courseware, graphic design and technical or marketing documentation. Read more.


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